Full Name
Elmer Lickers
Job Title
Senior Advisor
Speaker Bio
Elmer is a Senior Advisor with OFNTSC and has been with the organization for over 27 years. He is, a well-known and respected AM pioneer to the First Nations communities in Ontario, and across Canada. He has been advising and assisting First Nations on asset management and the implementation of federal government operation and maintenance programs and policies. He has been a strong advocate of introducing asset management planning and climate change risk assessments for First Nation Communities. Elmer spearheaded the development of the “award winning” First Nations Infrastructure Resiliency Toolkit (FN-IRT) which integrates climate change risks and asset management planning for First Nation communities and includes processes that help make informed decisions on community infrastructure. Elmer recognizes that having effective tools, along with streamlined processes, are essential requirements to successfully plan, build, operate, maintain and renew community infrastructure.
Elmer Lickers