Full Name
Heather Beaton
Job Title
Fellow - Aircraft Design and Development Engineering
Speaker Bio
Heather Beaton is a Fellow, providing leadership and decision making to critical strategic, safety and certification decisions across Bombardier sites and platforms. She has been at Bombardier since 1988 and has held various engineering positions in Bombardier’s product development teams over the years, including:

-Fellow – Control Systems: Flight Controls; Landing Gear & Hydraulics since 2012
-Transport Canada airworthiness delegate (DAD) since 1997
-Product planning and new aircraft studies for new and derivative models with Bombardier’s Advanced Design and Strategic Technology teams
-Requirements development & specification, validation & verification for highly integrated, complex aircraft systems
-Development, flight test, certification and continued airworthiness of the CRJ Series, Challenger 300 & 600 Series, Global Express G5/6000, G5/6500 & G7500 Series, and
-Knowledge Owner for the Control Systems Knowledge Domain - Responsible for connecting the Control Systems engineering community and development of sustainable
knowledge management practices across all sites - Montreal, Toronto, Wichita and Belfast (2012 - 2018)
-Bombardier Core Delegate responsible for development and succession planning of Transport Canada Control Systems airworthiness delegates across Bombardier platforms
(2007 - 2018)
-Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, McGill, 1987

Heather is presently Chairman SAE A-6A3 Flight Control and Vehicle Management Systems Committee & active voting member SAE A-5 Landing Gear Systems Committee - responding to emerging issues and technologies with industry guidance material in the form of panel working groups, Aerospace Information Reports (AIR), Aerospace Recommended Practices (ARP) and Aerospace Specifications (AS).
Heather Beaton